New token “ARCS” supported by AIre project is listed on the cryptocurrency exchange “KuCoin” 【Exclusive interview with IFA and KuCoin】

The new token “ARCS” (ticker symbol “ARX”) supported by AIre project is listed on the cryptocurrency exchange “KuCoin”. It has made every IEO successful so far. Here is an exclusive interview with Johnny LYU by KuCoin and Hiroshi Mizukura by IFA. They talked about the reason for choosing KuCoin as the listing destination, why IFA was able to be listed, and what kind of efforts both are going to do.

◾The reason why chosen KuCoin.

Mizukura: Because of these 5 advantages, we chose KuCoin after comparing various cryptocurrency exchanges.

1.Good reputation
2.Global expansion
3.One-team (team strength : making their service system by themselves)
5.Due Diligence

The first reason is good reputation. We made a decision based on the evaluation of the ranking site of Cryptocurrency market ”Coingecko”. There are only 7 cryptocurrency exchanges rated perfect score. Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges; BitFlyer and BitBank earn 9/10 points each. On the other hand, KuCoin earn 10/10 points, KuCoin can be said that has garnered high acclaim.

The second reason is easy global expansion. KuCoin is currently growing rapidly.Although only two years have passed since its establishment, it has already exceeded 5 million users. And our user expand all over the world. Easy global expansion is very important for IFA because the long-term vision of IFA is spreading a next generation core bank platform “AIre” around the world.

The third reason is team strength. In the KuCoin office, Six values are posted everywhere in order to deepen understanding of the company’s vision for each employee. Staff have a great attachment to their company, as putting KuCoin’s character’s plush doll on their desk. Furthermore, main members of the company are friends from childhood, this strong bond supports the fundamental part of the company.

The fourth reason is technology. KuCoin attaches the most importance to technology. So that there’re lots of technical staff, we can expect high safety in their service.

The last reason is Due Diligence (Survey on the value and risk of investments). KuCoin has 7 times experiences of IEO, and every time succeeded. The biggest factor of success is the strictness of DD and the skillful marketing. Our main purpose isn’t listing, but launching products, initiating to take root in society. And as a result, coins are evaluated stably. We deeply felt that our long-term vision and KuCoin’s vision matched very well.
We chose KuCoin because of these 5 reasons.

◾Why IFA could be listed.

Johnny: We, KuCoin have an extraordinary commitment to technology. From that point of view, AIre PJT by IFA is excellent. IFA is a medium-sized company in the blockchain industry due to its advanced technology and advanced information security. You can say that IFA is one of core companies in the blockchain industry due to its advanced technology and high-level information security. We decided that IFA would be listed on KuCoin because we thought that it would be possible to generate sufficient profits by using the data collected by applying this technology.

To select a listed project is similar to investing. KuCoin choose projects with great dreams, high technical skills, and good teamwork. AIre PJT meets all our selection criteria.

Mizukura: After listing, KuCoin and IFA will start long-term collaboration. KuCoin want to get a license to start their business also in Japan, it isn’t so easy. Japan is exclusive and strict in this field, so connections are necessary for smooth development in Japan. IFA can support KuCoin in that field.

Johnny: As becoming a long-term business partner with IFA, we want to start 3 actions. First action is technology. We always incorporate its own culture and needs of each country into our public chain and operate it according to the situation. Second one is about business. We want to work on a wide range of communities, education, investment, finance, ecosystems, etc.
As Mr. Mizukura mentioned earlier, third one is a support business development in Japan.
When to contact the Japanese government, cooperation from Japanese companies is essential.
In the future, we collaborate with Japanese company, IFA is the first candidate.

◾Future prospects of AIre

Mizukura: We would like to launch a product in April of next year, that can be implemented in society and nurture a platform that satisfies more users. In Japan, many people still have a negative image related to virtual currency. Surprisingly, Japan is originally a cryptocurrency developed country. The government issued a virtual currency exchange business license ahead the world two years ago. But last year, the negative mood spread due to hacking troubles at domestic exchanges.

On the other hand, despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market is declining, many blockchain startup companies are born around the world. It’s a pity that Japan is late from such a trend in the world. IFA wants to be a model for Japanese crypto startups by entering the global market early. We expect from overseas investors that Actively considering AIre PJT as investment destination. Even Japan’s cryptocurrency market is a tough environment, we are working hard in anticipation of the world in such a sense of market conditions. So we would be happy if we could get a warm support from Japanese people. If the AIre PJT creates a platform for visualizing people’s value, it will be possible to legitimately evaluate individual values.

Johnny: AIre PJT with innovative technology is an outstanding product in Japan where the rules are very strict. Because it has a lot of potential to become successful, please keep an eye on our service.

Writer/Kaori Shu Editor/Yosca